„Product design is based on people and their needs - the consequence is the perfect combination of technology and user benefits.”

Dialogue of design and innovation

KOEHL seating solutions bring attractive design, innovative technology and modern materials together in an optimum balance. Engineers, designers, occupational physicians and users are working closely together. The result are, exceptional and long-lasting products that provide functionality as well as design. Therefore KÖHL products received numerous awards.

Looking for inspiration, KÖHL has found it in Nature. Keyword – bionics. In bionics the “inventions of nature” are decrypted and translated into innovative technical solutions. Experience what KÖHL has learnt from nature – both as in the form as well in the function of seating. The organic flowing shapes provide new impulses of ergonomics, function and design. For almost any interior space, KÖHL has the perfect seating solution – over 70.000 variants for individual design. Timeless, stylish and long-lasting use.

From theory to practice

Another successful example of product development from bionics – is the range CALIXO®. The design chair clearly demonstrates how well bionics and design can blend into each other. CALIXO® originates from the shape of a blossom. Even when watching, the selected materials and trend colours provide a visual experience. When sitting, the chair keeps its promise and gently wraps up the body with a unique sensation of comfort.

CALIXO® in the "World of Brands"

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