„KÖHL is concerned about environmental protection and sustainability. This has priority in our process of development.”


KÖHL is concerned about environmental protection and sustainability. This has priority in our process of development. For the manufacture of our chairs, we take care to process biodegradable and environmental friendly materials so that all parts can easily be separated and returned to recycling. KÖHL attained through consistency of quality- and environmental management the certification ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Our focus is the cooperation with regional production partners to improve the energy balance and carbon footprint by shortening transport routes. Due to the constant modernisation of production, facilities and infrastructure KÖHL make a consistent contribution to environmental protection. In addition we provide ourselves with environmental friendly electricity: Our 3.700m2 photovoltaic roof system, with a total annual capacity of 182.000kw/h, saves 125 tons of CO2 per year compared to the conventional power plant.

In other words, KÖHL produces environmentally friendly.


ANTEO® – an office chair range with a recycling rate of 95% – is an example of how KÖHL eco-effectiveness turns into practice. Even for this range, high-quality and non-toxic materials and components have been selected for extended product life of our products. All components used are labelled with a material stamp, to achieve clean material separation by type and to return these components to local recycling.

But that´s not enough. KÖHL continues with the introduction of the environmental chair range ANTEO® a further sign on climate protection and plants 200 trees in the regional forests. In cooperation with the environmental organisation "plans-my-tree" and with committed companies and local forestry operations, KÖHL makes a significant contribution to CO2- neutralization. Therefore KÖHL not only ensures a healthy and relaxed sitting, but also for a healthy climate.

ANTEO® in the "World of Brands"

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